The State of Affiliate Marketing in 2023 – A Brutally Honest Review

It can frequently feel like a treasure hunt through the realm of WordPress themes for affiliate marketing. A theme with crucial elements like pros and cons lists, star ratings, summary boxes, and a product review schema for improved search engine results is what you’re looking for. It should also be stylish, user-friendly, and packed with these features.

Numerous top-rated WordPress themes fall short in delivering these crucial components despite thorough research and numerous recommendations. The typical workaround? using page builders or plugins from third parties. But this patch often makes the website slower.

Given this situation, can these themes truly be referred to as “affiliate marketing themes” if they are unable to fully satisfy our requirements as affiliate marketers? Despite the fact that these themes clearly have their advantages, I think there is a hidden gem on the market that satisfies all these requirements without the need of a page builder.

But first, it’s important to understand why choosing the appropriate WordPress theme is so important before we reveal this player’s true identity. Stay tuned as we explore WordPress themes for affiliate marketing in greater detail and enlighten you about this unsung hero.

why we require the best WordPress themes

We must examine the requirement for a WordPress theme before I give that Theme review. Once you understand that, you’ll see how restricted a theme’s affiliate marketing options are. And you will value this theme much more as a result. Therefore, a WordPress theme essentially gives you the ability to control whatever is in the header, footer, and sidebar, if there is one. They also provide you the flexibility to control the fonts and colors used across the entire website.

They might also give you some design options for your Hero section and give you the ability to decide how your archive pages, such the author and category pages, will look. And those are the fundamental features of a WordPress theme.

Themes typically provide you minimal control over the appearance of your content. You will find top-ranking articles and videos advising you to use a page builder to develop a theme if you want features like the pros and cons comparison, the Review Summary box, and other stuff. Remain tuned!

The best theme for affiliate marketing

I’m referring to the Blocksy theme. It is incredibly underappreciated, and many people probably aren’t even aware that such a thing exists in a theme. You’ll appreciate hearing this, anyhow. The remainder of the features, such as the review summary box, pros and cons, etc., are free, with the exception of the conditionally sticky sidebar, header, and footer.
Isn’t that fantastic? So let’s discuss where in Blocksy you may locate these features for product reviews.

From the WordPress Theme Library, check out and download the free Blocksy theme.

Properties Of The Blocksy Theme

Blocksy is now a brilliant star in the WordPress theme scene as we move through 2023. Here are some of its distinctive qualities:

Slim and Quick: Blocksy is the Usain Bolt of WordPress themes since it is so quick and light. The performance is said to be seamless and fluid, and it just weighs 30kb.

Easy to Navigate: Blocksy’s intuitive Customizer, which is similar to your own website tailor, is simple to use. It provides a ton of options that you can use to customize your website.

Fully Responsive: Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, Blocksy makes sure your site looks its best. It fits any gadget wonderfully.

Custom Blocks: Blocksy’s bespoke blocks work like the tools in your toolbox for creativity. You have access to all types of blocks, including social networking, image, and call-to-action blocks.

Gutenberg Compatibility: Blocksy shakes hands with Gutenberg, the new block editor for WordPress, in regards to compatibility. It fully utilizes all of its features, making it simple for you to create the website you have in mind.

WooCommerce Compatibility: If you’ve ever wanted to open an online store, Blocksy is the ideal place to start because it is WooCommerce compatible.

However, there’s still more! You advance using the Blocksy Pro add-on plugin’s:

Advanced Header and Footer Customization: This feature enables you to customize the appearance of your website’s header and footer.

Mega Menu: This extensive menu gives you the ability to design intricate and interesting website navigation.

Sticky Header: This feature keeps your website’s header visible while you scroll down the page, facilitating navigation.

One-Click Import: This feature enables you to quickly and easily import ready-made demo websites into your own.

Blocksy doesn’t simply assert that it is user-friendly; with all these remarkable capabilities, it more than lives up to that assertion. It is a multifaceted powerhouse that significantly raises the bar for what we should anticipate from a WordPress theme.

Blocksy Theme: Pros and Cons

Blocksy, a leader in the crowded world of WordPress themes, with a unique blend of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s get started:


Fast Performance: Blocksy loads remarkably quickly even on slower connections. It is lightweight and agile like a racehorse.

Gorgeous Demo Sites: Blocksy offers a portfolio of beautiful demo sites that can be used as a starting point or source of inspiration while building your own web masterpiece.

Support for Mega Menus: The Blocksy Pro version comes with mega menus, an excellent tool for improving the usability of your navigation menus.

Numerous Customization Options: Blocksy offers a wide range of customization options that let you to customize the look and feel of your website.

User-Friendly: Both novice and experienced site designers can easily use Blocksy. It is simple to use thanks to its well-organized options panel and thorough instructions.


Limited beginner Sites: Blocksy’s limited variety of pre-built beginner sites may be a drawback.

Pricing: Blocksy’s unlimited site license is significantly more expensive than the typical price for WordPress themes.

Final Reflections

Our exploration of the wide WordPress theme ecosystem led us to an unanticipated find: Blocksy. It isn’t simply another theme; instead, it serves as your reliable all-terrain bag, securely storing your necessities for affiliate marketing. The task is rapidly completed, it is adaptable, and most significantly.

Yes, it has a few oddities. However, when we consider the wider picture, issues become less significant and are overshadowed by the benefits that Blocksy offers.

A theme is more than simply a lovely face for your website, keep that in mind. It is your silent companion, quietly assisting you in realizing your affiliate marketing goals. And Blocksy is the ideal solution for us in this regard. It’s your willing companion, prepared to go on your affiliate marketing adventures with you.

So why not try Blocksy, my fellow affiliate marketers? It might be the dependable travel buddy you’ve been looking for. Cheers to your future successes in the fascinating realm of affiliate marketing and happy blogging!


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