A Comprehensive Review of Really Simple SSL Plugin – Is It Worth the Hype

Security for your website shouldn’t be a challenging puzzle. With Really Simple SSL, the best option for simple website security, put an end to concerns about data breaches and unauthorized access. Security online is essential.

Even if you’re not a tech expert, securing your website is simple using Really Simple SSL. Say hello to calmness as you nimbly strengthen the security of your website and win the respect of your visitors.

Let’s plunge into the realm of Really Simple SSL and open a new era of stress-free website security!”

Recognizing the Benefits of SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) safeguards the browser connection to a website. It safeguards private information transmitted between users and the website. How does it function? To protect data, SSL encrypts it.

SSL uses sophisticated mathematical methods to encrypt data. This encrypted data can only be decoded by the user’s web browser. By using this method, a cyberattacker is guaranteed to only find random data and not important information.

Let’s look at the many benefits of SSL. Website security is initially improved with SSL. SSL encrypts user-server data to stop unauthorized access and data breaches. It’s crucial to safeguard login credentials, financial data, and personal information against scammers.

SSL enhances security and SEO. Google gives SSL-certified websites a higher ranking in its search results. Your website’s exposure, organic traffic, and search engine rankings may improve thanks to SSL. The security and visibility of your website are improved with SSL.

SSL increases visitor trust as well. When users see the padlock icon or “https://” in the URL, they are aware that their data is secure. Users are given trust and confidence thanks to this visual assurance, which facilitates online transactions and the exchange of sensitive information. In an era of growing cyber threats and data breaches, SSL certification demonstrates your commitment to protecting users’ data, enhancing your online credibility.

The digital world of today requires SSL. SSL encrypts user data to protect it from third parties. It protects sensitive information and improves SEO rankings, reputation, and trust. Regardless of whether you operate a blog, an e-commerce site, or another platform, SSL protects visitors and improves your online presence.

Say hello to Really Simple SSL

Installing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is simple with the help of the well-liked WordPress plugin Really Simple SSL. With millions of active installs, it is a favorite among webmasters and developers. This plugin makes it simple to convert WordPress websites to HTTPS and secures user communications.

It’s simple to utilize Really Simple SSL. Once it has been installed and activated, the plugin recognizes your SSL certificate and sets up HTTPS. Due to the removal of manual configuration and technical knowledge, non-technical persons can use it. Because the plugin checks and scans SSL implementation, website owners can relax.

Additionally supported by Really Simple SSL is Let’s Encrypt, a reliable free SSL certificate. By removing complicated configurations and pricey certificate purchases, this connection facilitates the purchase and renewal of SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt certificates are appropriate for website owners on a tight budget because they provide the same security as premium SSL certificates.

Additionally, Really Simple SSL offers features that boost website performance and security. HSTS improves safety. Additionally, the plugin resolves insecure material by automatically changing graphics and scripts to load securely over HTTPS.

Additionally, the support staff of Really Simple SSL is helpful. Debugging is aided by the plugin’s thorough documentation and lively community forums. It is a dependable and user-friendly plugin thanks to its support.

WordPress users who want an easy way to configure SSL frequently utilize Really Simple SSL. Millions of active installations and its widespread use attest to its effectiveness. The plugin’s simplicity, automatic configuration, and Let’s Encrypt support make it usable by website owners of all skill levels. The smooth conversion of websites to HTTPS provided by Really Simple SSL enhances security, trust, and browsing.

Characteristics of Really Simple SSL

Features of Really Simple SSL that improve WordPress website security include:

Preloading HSTS

Support for HSTS preloading, a potent security method, is provided by this feature. The website is included to the preload lists of major browsers thanks to HSTS preloading. This ensures that applications establish a secure HTTPS connection with the website even if the client types “http://” rather than “https://”. By removing the initial insecure connection attempt, HSTS preloading guards against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Transport Security Measures

Website owners can implement HSTS so that it forces browsers to utilize HTTPS for a set period of time using Really Simple SSL. Strict Transport Security instructs browsers to convert HTTP requests to HTTPS automatically, lowering the risk of site visitors using an unprotected connection. The risk of data interception or tampering is decreased by encrypting connections between website visitors.

HSTS, or HTTP Strict Transport Security

For a limited period of time, browsers can only connect to a website using HTTPS. Users of WordPress can easily activate HSTS thanks to Really Simple SSL. To ensure that HTTPS is always used for connections going forward, HSTS sends a response header to the browser. Downgrade attacks and protocol weaknesses are thus avoided. Through the requirement of a continuous and secure connection, HSTS guards against session hijacking, data theft, and other security issues.

By encrypting visitor connections, these features assist in making WordPress websites more safe. By switching HTTP requests to HTTPS, Really Simple SSL prevents data interception, modification, and unwanted access. Even if a user enters an insecure URL, HSTS preloading encourages browsers to always connect securely to the website. Attacks on the first connection are thus avoided.

By requiring all website interactions to take place over HTTPS, the Strict Transport Security (HSTS) feature stops downgrade attempts and unintentional use of insecure connections. By mandating HTTPS, Really Simple SSL secures login information as well as personal and financial data.

The features of Really Simple SSL enhance the security of WordPress websites, providing owners with peace of mind and protecting users’ security.

Advantages of Really Simple SSL

Website security, search engine rankings, visitor trust, conversion rates, and revenues are all enhanced with Really Simple SSL:

Enhanced Security: By enabling SSL encryption, Really Simple SSL improves the data security of websites. Passwords for login and personal information are shielded from unauthorized access using SSL encryption. This safeguards users of the website against identity theft, data breaches, and cyberattacks.

Improved Search Engine ranks: Google ranks are impacted by SSL. Websites that support SSL appear higher in search results. Your website’s exposure and search engine rankings may increase if HTTPS is enabled using Really Simple SSL. Increased organic traffic and customer acquisition result from this visibility.

Enhanced Visitor Trust: SSL is trusted by web users. When they see the padlock icon or the “https://” prefix in the URL, visitors trust data transmission. To increase trust, Really Simple SSL only adds SSL to websites. SSL creates a sense of confidence and guarantees data protection. Engagement, repeat visits, and conversions all rise with trust.

Higher Conversions and Sales: Increased Security, Search Engine Rankings, and Visitor Trust can all result in more website conversions and sales. On a secure website, users are more likely to make purchases, divulge personal information, and do business. By lowering access barriers and fostering users’ confidence, Really Simple SSL helps them do the required activities on the website. This increases sales and conversions.

Using Really Simple SSL: Some Tips

You can smoothly build Really Simple SSL by following these suggestions:

  1. Site backup: Before installing Really Simple SSL or making significant modifications, make a copy of the files and database on your website. This guarantees a recovery point in the event that SSL installation issues arise. You may restore your website using backups, giving you peace of mind.
  2. Check your website: After using Really Simple SSL to set up SSL, check your website to ensure everything is functioning properly. Verify the loading of HTTPS on all pages, forms, and functionality. HTTP-loaded resources are indicated by mixed content warnings. After utilizing the mixed content fixer provided by Really Simple SSL, verify and manually address any remaining mixed content issues to ensure the security of your visitors.
  3. Maintain SSL certificates: Since SSL certificates have an expiration date, you must promptly renew them. Depending on the type and provider, SSL certificates normally last between one and two years. Create a reminder system for SSL certificate renewals to prevent website security problems. Automated renewal is a popular feature among hosting companies and companies that issue SSL certificates, making the procedure easier and ensuring ongoing security.
  4. Update plugins and WordPress: Always update both WordPress and Really Simple SSL. For bug repairs, security updates, and new features, update plugins frequently. Get the most recent security updates by updating WordPress. Most effectively, Really Simple SSL requires current software.
  5. SSL monitoring: Following the installation of Really Simple SSL, keep an eye on your website’s SSL functionality. The SSL Server Test from SSL Labs can be used to find issues with SSL settings. Regularly checking SSL performance improves security and efficiency.

The security and user-friendliness of Really Simple SSL will be enhanced for visitors to your website if you adhere to these recommendations. Back up your website, test it after installation, renew SSL certificates, update software, and keep an eye on SSL performance if you want to keep your SSL setup secure.


Website owners benefit from Really Simple SSL, a powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugin. Websites and visitors are shielded from hacker attacks and data breaches via SSL encryption. The automatic configuration of the plugin and its support for Let’s Encrypt certificates make it simple for non-technical users to implement SSL.

It is advantageous to use Really Simple SSL. It improves organic traffic and SEO rankings. Visitors may trade sensitive information and trust online transactions thanks to SSL. These benefits may increase sales and conversions.

To make the most of Really Simple SSL, make a backup of your website, test it after installation, and renew SSL certificates. Updating WordPress and plugins is necessary for improving performance and security. By using these techniques, website owners may secure and trust their users.

Because of its advantages, readers should implement Really Simple SSL on their websites. By enhancing security, SEO, and visitor confidence, Really Simple SSL aids in increasing website performance. Give users a secure surfing environment while protecting your website. Improve your online success and security by using Really Simple SSL.


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